Clients randomly running PSADT weeks later

I am not sure what is going on here but I am finding this throughout our hierarchy. I created a application/package with the tool to install office 2016 (click to run version) thru sccm. The install works fine and users have no issues. Randomly weeks later the script seems to run on some clients reinstalling everything again… The sccm deployment is not running and no new content was downloaded in cache so I am at a loss why would the script begin running again. Any thoughts?

This sounds like an SCCM issue and not PSADT. I would recommend posting to TechNet.

I thought about that but I have looked in all the client logs and nothing is indicating a prompt from sccm to the client. There is no policy being applied to prompt it. In fact the deployment that was initially set up was shut down weeks ago and I am still having users complain the script is coming up asking to install it. If it were a sccm issue it would have already been in compliance as the detection method would have recognized it as already installed. Nothing new is being pulled down to the sccm cache it is pulling it from the original cache location and reinstalling it or running the script…

Hi Don,
If you get any more reports of this, can you please grab and post the logs here. Also, look at the scheduled tasks on the users computers and see if you see anything related to PSADT.

Thanks I will try and gather logs on the next occurance. Also I am using the latest version of PSADT 3.6.8. Just a Heads up.