Check if application is installed

Hi folks,

Very very nice work you have done here…

I just have a small question

Is there any build in mechanism to check if the application is already installed and then just exit if its not.

I have tested the Get-FileVersion in the install section and then just Exit-Script - but i get the balloon popup every time that the application is installed

I tried to set the $DeployMode = ‘Silent’ before the Exit-Script but it does not seem to disable the popup.

I want to run the script on every login of the users to make sure the application is installed - is this at all recommended? We dont have any SCCM installation on our environment.

Is that in any way possible without removing the balloon tips in the config.xml file?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:


May be

<code>Set-StrictMode -off
   $Var_RetourFonction=Get-InstalledAppLike -Name &quot;$Itemvar_Incompatibility&quot; 
Set-StrictMode -Version Latest
if ($Var_RetourFonction -ne $null) {
    $Var_RetourFonction= $null
    $Var_BInstallApplication= $True
    Write-Log &quot;Logiciel incompatible: $Itemvar_Incompatibility&quot; -Severity 3 -Source &quot;Pré-installation - Logiciel incompat.&quot;
Else {
       If ($Var_BInstallApplication -eq $True){
           Set-StrictMode -off
               Write-Log &quot;Incompatibilité avec certaines trousses sur le poste: $PkgIncompatPkgFound&quot; -Severity 3 -Source &quot;Pré-installation - Incompat trousse&quot;
               Exit-Script -ExitCode $PkgExists
           Set-StrictMode -Version Latest