Bug Alert : Defer issue!

Hi Folks,

I am getting following issue while using Defer option:

I wanted to use a Defer option without checking any process to close to give user an update that we are running certain application and user can defer if needed as he should not use his computer during the installation. I gave below command

Show-InstallationWelcome -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 3

It gives following error-
Message : Cannot bind argument to parameter ‘ProcessObjects’ because it is null.

However when I use the -CloseApp parameter it works fine but I need to provide some process to check but don’t have any. So I gave following command which solves the purpose:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps ‘zzzxxxyyy’ -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 3

However as per document it should have worked without any issue so I thing this bug is worth get noticed.
Please do let me know if anyone has faced the same issue or if I am doing it in a wrong way.


This is also happening to me, removing the -CloseApps switch causes an error with line 5871 in the ProcessObjects switch for Get-RunningProcesses. It seems this process action is only not running if the deployment is silent, not based on if processes are defined with -CloseApps.

@dcyexe, @michael-6
please download the latest version from github: https://github.com/PSAppDeployToolkit/PSAppDeployToolkit/archive/master.zip
This issue was fixed May 22th 2018