Application with Deferral and also want to use for task sequence

I would like to only have to manage one application in SCCM per script. We use if statements for setting a deferral within the script, so if running a TS it will not pop up with deferral window. However TS requires the deployment type set to install for system whether or not user is logged on. But the deferral requires the setting to be install for system only when user is logged on.

I have attempted to setup two deployment types with the different settings and global condition for Task Sequence, however Task sequence will not see the application to install if all deployment types do not have the whether or not users is logged on checked.

When I set the deployment type to whether or not user is logged on, the deferral part does not function properly. it will kick off the initial deferral window, but then it will sit in software center with status of waiting for user to log on and does not prompt the user again.

Has anyone found a way around this?