Adding Sourcelist for MSI Repair

Sometimes instead uninstalling MSI, a simple repair would be the best. When distributing your application the sources will become unavailable once the local cache will become empty. So the repair will not work. A solution would be to make the MSI available somewhere. But how making the MSI “knowing” the sources are available somewhere?

  1. In the registry, go to HKCR\installer\Products<product code of the product>\sourcelist\net
    You will notice where the Windows Installer will look to find the msi location. If the path is no longer existing then the repair will not work.
Function AddSourceList {
     Ajoute un chemin au sourcelist d'un MSI
     Ajoute un chemin au sourcelist d'un MSI
     Donner un chemin complet d'un MSI incluant le nom du fichier. Le 
MSI doit se trouver dans le répertoire.
     AddSourcelist MSI
     Begin {
             ## Get the name of this function and write header
             [string]${CmdletName} = $PSCmdlet.MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name
             Write-FunctionHeaderOrFooter -CmdletName ${CmdletName} -CmdletBoundParameters $PSBoundParameters -Header
     Process {

         Try {

             $MSIPath=split-path $Str_MSIPathAndFile
             $ProductCode= Get-MsiTableProperty -Path $Str_MSIPathAndFile
             #$MSIPath='E:\Temp\Logiciels\Antidote 8\msi\druide'

             $Com_WI = New-Object -ComObject WindowsInstaller.Installer

             $codeInvokeMethod = {
                 $type = $this.gettype();
                 $index = $args.count - 1;
                 $methodargs = $args[1..$index]
                 $type.invokeMember($args[0], [System.Reflection.BindingFlags]::InvokeMethod, $null, $this, $methodargs)
             $Com_WI = $Com_WI | Add-Member -MemberType ScriptMethod -Value $codeInvokeMethod -Name InvokeMethod -PassThru

             Try {
                 Write-log 'Ajout du Sourcelist $($MSIPath) au MSI $($Str_MSIPathAndFile) Product code $($productcode.productcode)'
                 $Com_WI.InvokeMethod('AddSource', '$($productcode.productcode)', '', '$($MSIPath)')
             Catch {
                 Write-Log -Message "Failed to resolve registry path [$regKey]. `n$(Resolve-Error)" -Severity 3 -Source ${CmdletName}
         catch {
             Write-Log -Message "Failed to resolve registry path [$regKey]. `n$(Resolve-Error)" -Severity 3 -Source ${CmdletName}

     End {
             Write-FunctionHeaderOrFooter -CmdletName ${CmdletName} -Footer


After running that function, you will see a second path appeared in the Net section in the registry.
I would suggest PSADTK to include something like that in the toolkit :slight_smile:


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I have posted about this issue too.

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