0x87D00324 when I use deploy-application.exe silent

Hi I have a problem with different of our application. When I use the parameter silent, nothing is executed on the client computer. I don’t have any log in c:\windows\log\software, I have an error in appeforcement.log(0x87D00324). It take 3 sec to have the error. If I remove the silent parameter, the installation will work well.

If I try C:\windows\ccmcache\27\Deploy-Application.exe silent on the client computer, nothing work, but if I remove silent, it work.

I use the option Install for the system; only when a user is logged in; Allow users to view and interact with the program installer.

I use sometime the option -CloseApps, I would like that my install is silent, with the exception when a software need to be close, but in my test with silent, it close the app without any notice to the user. What I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help