Zip missing in toolkit


I had to package some ziped Java file. So to deploy them, I was believing using the toolkit to unzip those files. I was surprise to see PSADTK containing a way to create a zip but not to unzip a file.

So I wrote a way to unzip de file.

<code>Function Expand-ZIP {
		Permet de decompresser des fichiers ZIP
		Permet de decompresser des fichiers ZIP
        - Emplacement complet du fichier zippé source a déterminer et aussi le repertoire de destination
        - Le repertoire clible sera creer automatiquement si il est absent.
        $zipfile pour le chemin complet et le fichier zip
        $outpath pour le repertoire de destination
       Expand-ZIP &quot;$Var_SourceFiles\; &quot;$env:systemdrive\PATCH_JDEV12&quot;

	Param (
		## Specify process names separated by commas. Optionally specify a process description with an equals symbol, e.g. &quot;winword=Microsoft Office Word&quot;
	Begin {
		## Get the name of this function and write header
		[string]${CmdletName} = $PSCmdlet.MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name
		Write-FunctionHeaderOrFooter -CmdletName ${CmdletName} -CmdletBoundParameters $PSBoundParameters -Header
	Process {

        Try {

            Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IO.Compression.FileSystem
            [System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::ExtractToDirectory($Str_zipfile, $Str_outpath)
        Catch {

            Set-StrictMode -off
				[int32]$mainExitCode = 1
				[string]$mainErrorMessage = &quot;$(Resolve-Error)&quot;
				Write-Log -Message $mainErrorMessage -Severity 3 -Source $deployAppScriptFriendlyName
				Show-DialogBox -Text $mainErrorMessage -Icon &#039;Stop&#039;
				Exit-Script -ExitCode $mainExitCode
			Set-StrictMode -Version Latest

    End {Write-FunctionHeaderOrFooter -CmdletName ${CmdletName} -Footer}
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I also preferr to have the source-files zipped. Makes it easier and faster to dowonload one file instead of a whole structure

Why not create a pull request on Github? :slight_smile: