Unsure of where to post this, issue with toolkit variable $envCommonPrograms

I was trying to use the $envCommonPrograms as documented in the PSAppDeploymentToolkitAdminGuide. However I was unable to get it to work.

I looked into the 3.6.9 AppDeployToolkitMain and noticed that it was absent. When comparing 3.6.8 to 3.6.9 I noticed it was renamed - from $envCommonPrograms in 3.6.8 to $envCommonStartMenuPrograms in 3.6.9.

Would like to ask that if this change was intentional that the PSAppDeploymentToolkitAdminGuide be updated to reflect it.

Thanks so much! Really love the PSADT!

This was covered in the release notes, https://github.com/PSAppDeployToolkit/PSAppDeployToolkit/releases.

Perfect! Must have missed it, thanks!

Would still like to see it updated in the guide someday however, as I do refer to it and refer others to it.

Thanks again!

The 3.6.9 Administrator Guide I downloaded last week reflects the change.

I just redownloaded the PSADT, version 3.6.9. It comes with admin guide version 3.6.8 with the variable still wrong.

May I ask where you got yours from? What version is it? Am I missing something here?


I’m sure I found it here, https://github.com/PSAppDeployToolkit/PSAppDeployToolkit/blob/master/PSAppDeploymentToolkitAdminGuide.docx, but this is not the 3.6.10 documentation.

Thanks! Looks like this is for release 6.6.10 which hasn’t been released for stable testing yet(?) but i am glad to see that it is fixed the newer version.

Problem solved, thanks