Similar to inno setup tasks

hi the guys, newbie here.

is there anyway to create “tasks” ([TASKS]), like exist’s in inno setup?

Alas tasks as you have described do not mean anything to me.
(Kudos for you if you know how to create InnoSetup EXEs. It’s a black box for me)

Do you means Windows Scheduled Tasks?

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No it’s not windows schedule tasks :smile:
In inno setup, you can create in the script, several tasks (example):
TASK: envDEV (do something for the envDEV)
TASK:envPROD (do something for the endPROD)

when you specify in the compiled file, the parameter TASK=envDEV, it will only run the stuff, that was on the script, with envDEV.

btw kudos for you, cause your arp entries, already became very usefull :raised_hands:

PSADT doesn’t have something like that but if you can detect if you are in DEV or PROD, an if-Else statement would do the same.

What’s your environment? AD or Azure AD?

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i understand… i was asking if there was already made function/feature.

No worries, btw thanks for you time @That-Annoying-Guy Kudos!!!

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