Show-InstallationPrompt log location

I would like to change the log location before I run Show-InstallationPrompt.

How can I change the log location?

will this work?

Why not change the log on the XML file ?

I actually did change the xml to a location.

But on uninstall I need to log to a separate location.

Is there a way to change the log location on the fly?

In that case $configToolkitLogDir should be the best approach.
if its just on some write-log you can use:
write-log -LogFileDirectory “c:\temp\otherFolder” -Message “blabla”

Here I describe how to do it automatically:

user Kushpat from that post has messaged me that my solution above worked but is not perfect.

Solution that’s marked here worked very well for me.
I placed what was suggested and now during uninstall, toolkitlog and msilog gets placed in different folder so I can delete directory that I created during Installation.