Remove-MSIApplications - How to use this combine with version?

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 4 --------------------------
PS C:>Remove-MSIApplications -Name ‘Java 8 Update’ -FilterApplication @(,@(‘Publisher’, ‘Oracle Corporation’, ‘Exact’)) -ExcludeFromUninstall @(,@(‘DisplayName’, ‘Java 8 Update 45’, ‘RegEx’))
Removes all versions of software that match the name “Java 8 Update” and also have “Oracle Corporation” as the Publisher; however, it does not uninstall “Java 8 Update 45” of the software. NOTE: if only specifying a single array in an array of arrays, the array must be preceded by two commas as in this example.

Im trying to cleanup old Silverlight installation but cant use the above example.
How do i include a check on the version nummer?

Found solution

Remove-MSIApplications -Name 'Microsoft Silverlight' -ExcludeFromUninstall (,('DisplayVersion', '5.1.50907.0', 'Exact')) -Exact