Registry Keys not being removed

Hey everyone

Daily noob issue coming in hot! I am seeing errors in the log that say it is unable to remove registry keys. Not sure If I am missing something here.

Here is the code that I have in the script for the uninstall clean up. ** Also side note I have an additional switch for another log file but the log files are not being created. Do I have something wrong in the switch? (yes I know the file name is wrong but I have corrected it and there is still no separate log file being created. )

Here is the error code in the log

And as you can see here … the registry keys DO exist. I am not sure why it is saying it cannot find them


any help or insight anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Still learning this stuff! :blush:

Remove "Computer" from your registry path…



Thank you so much, I figured it was going to be something simple!


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