Hey guys. Would someone mind replying to this? Just want to verify forums are working. Seems rather quiet in here :slight_smile:

They work but I had a wicked time creating my account.

How so? Didn’t have any problems during testing :open_mouth:

Haven’t tested 3.6.3, sorry.
My handlers have me working on others things for now.

BTW: The “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” check box does not get checked by itself

The Twitter-account connection is not working in IE, I had to switch to Chrome (the horror!).

Love the new site!

Hi Dan,

It works ok. I like the new site.


I had issues finding the registration link. Pretty much ended up typing in psappdeploytoolkit.com/login to prompt a registration page.

Same here with trying to figure out how to register, but the post from nlt6444 was what I had to do to find it. Great site otherwise though!

Ooops, I had accidentally disabled the sidebar with the login / register widget. My bad!