PSADT.DataExtraction Extension

PSADT.DataExtraction Extension

Extension for PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit to get strings and icons contained in executables and library as well as cache MUI information from registry.


  • Gets a string inside any file.
  • MUI format buttons and messages using system multilanguage support.
  • Get MUI information of any process previously cached.
  • Get information from files.
  • Extract any icon in any size from any executable or library.
  • Scale the extracted icon based in scale factor.
  • Native methods used to perform the tasks.
  • ContinueOnError and ExitScriptOnError support.

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For more information related to the usage or installation, follow the external link.

2023/03/28 - Updated to v1.0.1 :grinning:

  • Fixed a bug since a required library path variable were not included.