Package only installing as user who pushes

HI All,

I am new to using the PADT and assume maybe I am missing something.

I created a package which was pretty easy to make. It is a simple msi installer for textpad application. When I install the application it seems to only install for the admin user I am logged in as. When i log out and go to other accounts even if they are admin I do not see anything present int he start menu, no icons. But I can navigate to c:program files x86 and see that the newly installed program is present.

I know It must be something small but can’t seem to figure it out. It is impacting the install because not only can the users not find the shortcut the xml config files that should be installed on all users profiles is not present.


Try add the following to the Execute-MSI command

-AddParameters 'ALLUSERS=2'