Need to Delete a Shortcut from a redirected User Desktop

We’re attempting to upgrade a piece of software on our systems. However, some of them were installed as the end user and were installed into the User’s AppData folder with a shortcut created on the user’s desktop.
The issue we’re facing is that we’re using redirected folders for the Desktop, so it’s technically not local to the machine and the local SYSTEM account cannot get to it.
Any ideas how to run something as the logged in user to delete that shortcut?

Is it possible for you to grant access to System?

Run a script once with admin credentials to the share, delete all the old shortcuts. Have the new install use the public desktop folder.

Not sure if youa re still following this, just saw it. I use this get the the desktop path dynamically for the user
$Desktop = ([environment]::getfolderpath(“desktop”))
then use that variable whenever I am trying to path to the desktop. Try that :slight_smile: