How to invoke variables and some functions in another script

I have created a script independent of the toolkit, however I would like to use the functions that are implemented in deploy-application and some functions of the toolkit.
The reason why I created a script and to be able to run it in user context.
Does anyone have an idea how to invoke the different variables and functions in this script?

Thank you for your help.

You can use the toolkit without Admin permissions by changing the config file.

If you still want to use toolkit’s functions from within another script, you will have to dot source the Main.ps1 script.


Thank you for your response
So I just have to declare a path of main, is that it? As in deploy-application.ps1? (## Dot source the required App Deploy Toolkit Functions)

Main.ps1 script is dot sourced in Deploy-Application.ps1. Depends on what way you chose to go with. If you use the toolkit and not your script, then you dont need to dot source anything as that is already done, you can just use the functions. If you go with your own script, you need to dot source the main.ps1 at the top of the file for the functions to be loaded before you can use them.


Perfect, thank for your help

Have a nice day :slight_smile: