Execute Powershell Script from PS App Deploy?

Hello everyone,

This may be a simple question and I’m just a beginner at using this tool, so any help would be awesome!

How can I execute a Powershell script from within PS App Deploy. If I just copy/paste my powershell code into the Deploy-Application.ps1 will it execute what I want it to do? Or do I have to do it another way?

Basically, I have a script that I wrote in Powershell that I used to deploy and execute with a batch file (the bat file would do several other things as well). Now rather than deploy the bat file, I want to use PS App Deploy, but I’m not sure how I go about telling it to execute my PS1 file.

Does any of this make sense to anyone?

You could call another Powershell script, but I would just put everything in the Deploy-Application.ps1 and use the PSADT functions to perform all the steps possible in order to utilize the great logging features…