Changing [string]$dirFiles value Questions

I wanted to ask if the community knew from a support perspective if this is something that the community would support or not and any reasoning behind it

changing this line in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1
[string]$dirFiles = Join-Path -Path $scriptParentPath -ChildPath ‘Files’

[string]$dirFiles = $scriptParentPath

so that the files needed for the install would all be in the root folder instead of the Files folder.

thank you all in advance

$dirFiles has been pointing to the \files\ folder since PSADT’s inception. I doubt any of the Authors would care to change it.

For your purposes, however, that line can be changed without issue at your end.

Personally I would just use $scriptParentPath in Deploy-Application.ps1 directly.

Since you don’t specify a reason for wanting this change, it’s doubtful your suggestion will gain any traction.

The one reason I’ve encountered that might support this idea is that it would allow you to see in the root just what the package is deploying - no need to drill into the Files dir.

However, renaming Deploy-Application.ps1 easily accomplishes this (e.g., AutomationStudio_v7.1.0.20201.ps1). You then only need to tweak your commandline to match (e.g., Deploy-Application.exe "AutomationStudio_v7.1.0.20201.ps1"...).

Perhaps you have other reasons in mind…?

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You have a good point @bahnjee - i was not asking the developers to change the product, i was merely asking if say I chose to customizing the value of the variable would be something that has been done without issues, while still getting community support, or leading to problematic results.

@That-Annoying-Guy response " Personally I would just use $scriptParentPath in Deploy-Application.ps1 directly." – might be something i will look into as well.

to everyone that reads and/or responds : i appreciate you taking the time to read this and respond if you do so! thank you!

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