BUG: Malformed XML due to ampersand (and possible other XML reserved symbols)


I was using the toolkit’s Set-ActiveSetup function and I am encountering a bug.
Basically, the command line options contains an ampersand, but when the function generate the XML file to create the scheduled task, it complains that the XML is malformed as the ampersand sign is not replaced to the standard for XML & for it to be compliant.

Also, it would be great to add a trigger where we can create an Active Setup without having it automatically execute for logged in users to have more control.

https://github.com/PSAppDeployToolkit/PSAppDeployToolkit/pull/562 Will add a parameter for disabling the execution of the application for the current user. I assume you want ‘&’ because of CMD. CMD will be handled the same way, powershell is, in the next version. So the code will be inserted into a vbs script, which is then executed. For other case I will add a function that escapes XML characters.