appname does not have spaces

Hi again!

When using the $appName or $appVendor in a message or title or to write-log “$appVendor $appName installed”, the $appName won’t have any spaces. example below.


[string]$appVendor = ‘Adobe’
[string]$appName = ‘Acrobat Reader DC’
[string]$appVersion = ‘15.023.20053’

write-log “$appVendor $appName installed”

end script

(opens log to see results)

Adobe AcrobatReaderDC installed.

I have tried ", ', spaces, , and all the googling in the world and i still can’t figure out how to add spaces.

Thank you!

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Nevermind, turns out it strips the space by default. fix is to just make your own variables. can be closed, thanks!