A real newbie question -ContinueOnError $True / $False

Hi, thanks for this great tool and work behind it!

I have a beginner question, if a value i.e. -ContinueOnError set as $false in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 how do i use the value as $true?

As i have understood it if im not typing the value lets say -ContinueOnError i will get it as the default is set in AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 ie the default value to the command Execute-MSI the for

-ContinueOnError is set as default to $false then if i don’t specify it i will get the value $false. Have i understood it right?

Not all -ContinueOnError parameters for all functions are set to $false.

I don’t bother to check what the default are just specify it EVERYTIME one way or the other.
It’s easier to troubleshoot because you know what to expect.

Thanks again!

Is the syntax then
… -ContinueOnError $true