XML config file documentation

The included PSAppDeployToolkitAdminGuide.docx manual or the AppDeployToolkitHelp.ps1 mention the configuration file often and how you can set or overide default parameters there. However, nowhere can I find any documentation on the accepted xml tags to use in the xml file. Am I missing something? or has such a thing not been created yet? Currently I am parsing through the AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1 to try and figure out what the tags are supposed to be. For example, if I want to set default parameters for Execute-MSI
<MSI-Options> <Parameter name> Value </Paramter name> </MSI-Options>
Is the best I can come up with, and that’s from reading the main.ps1 code. but MSI-Options is not an intuitive name for setting parameters for Execute-MSI. Trying to figure out the xml options is tedious this way.

Nevermind… I was looking in the exe.config not in the .xml file. I apologize for the bad question