Windows 10 is there but is it possible to unpin PREINSTALLED APPS

Hello there,
i am testing Windows 10 and in the past i worked a lot with the wrapper.
Windows 10 has some PreInstalled APP there we doesn´t need in our Enterprise Env. and so i would them unpin but there is no option from MS.
In the Wrapper Doc stands how to pin and unpin but this is only for standard Programs and not for APPS.

Why i doesn´t wont them uninstall? Really Simple, in the past i removed them on W8.1 with Powershell and looks like fine but after a few month there comes from some users the info that the updates are failed.
i took a look on it and find out that this are updates for the uninstalled appxpackages. the client send this to our SCCM and so we deploy them but when it will installed, then it failed. so i create an exclusion on sccm.

and this is why i don´t will uninstall them. Never change the OS, so i will configure it only with PS and Wrapper.

thanks for help
and with best regards.