Using ROOTDRIVE=C:\\ with a MSI

With a MSI using parameters switch how can you set ROOTDRIVE=C:\ ? I’ve tried multiple ways but have not figured it out yet. Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you


Are you trying to specify the drive letter but keeping his own default install path ? Assuming that your OS is not installed on the C:\ partition, you should use the “INSTALLDIR=” or “TARGETDIR=” switch with the full desired path, in this way:
msiexec.exe /i your.msi TARGETDIR=“C:\your\specific\path”

Or simply, I never tried it but could you test this following command line, before executing your MSI:
set RootDrive=C

You can check the result by typing “set rootdrive”

I’m using the following command execute-MSI -action install -path ‘app name.msi’ -transform 'transform name.mst -parameter ‘ROOTDRIVE=D:’

Unless I am not using the syntex correctly according to the PSappDeploymentToolkit. Am I using this correctly or did I miss something?

Thank you