Use only Last Popup Window - Is that Possible

Dear colleagues,

We are successfully using PSAppDeploykit with all its fantastic features for our Software Upgrades which require user interaction and the closure of open programs. That works great and it is a great user experience.

Now, we have a new request from our ServiceDesk team.

We use Service Now, 1E Shopping and SCCM to automate standard software deployment in a complete workflow. No human intervention at all. User requests an App in the Service Catalog and it gets automatically installed after it is requested or approved by manager (in case it requires a license).
Most installations (98%) are successful and user receives an e-mail from Service-now when the process is completed successfully.

As those e-mails coming from the ticketing system are often ignored and, users don’t receive any notification in case of software installation failure…

I was wondering if we could use the PSAppDeployToolkit as a wrapper for these cases, bypassing all initial screens and just Popping up the last Window (and/or Balloon) for a successful or failure installation.

I mean, total silent installation (as we are currently doing) but just “enabling” the final Popup.

Any advise would be highly appreciated


Currently all built-in Show-* functions respect DeploymentType so you’d either have to change Deployment type inside packages or create a custom function for a popup. DeploymentType can be changed through a variable assignment so that’s a one-liner and a popup could be done through windows forms messagebox which is also a one-liner but a more customized window would take more lines and effort.