Running from DP - exits with success code 0

I see two other topics on this but neither have a solution (i tried the CMD file and that didnt work properly)…

I am trying to run a PSADT-wrapped package from the DP via ConfigMagr 1610. It works, in that it starts and runs from the DP, only to exit with a success code 1 second later. The package works fine if I download/execute but not when set to Run From DP.

Is there any official word on how to make this work properly? I need the users to be on the network when it runs and RUN FROM DP is the only way i can guarantee that is the case.

Any help is greatly appreciated.Also, thanks to thise that created, and continue to maintain this awesome utility. It has made deployments much more reliable… now to resolve this issue. :slight_smile:

Using PSADT 3.6.9, btw.


Do the logs show anything?


What command line are you running? What execmgr log is showing?