Restart function issue with Windows OS version 2004

From the new Windows 10 OS version 2004 , observed that main “Deploy-Application.ps1” is waiting till to finish “Show-InstallationRestartPrompt” function even though it is Asynchronous. this is causing issue in Software Center as the main script is considering as failed execution as it is waiting for restart function prompt as synchronous way.

The issue is not observed in the previous Windows 10 OS Version 1809.

This is issue is occurring specifically in the combination of Windows 10 OS version 2004 & PSAppDeployToolkit_v3.6.9.

Could anyone let us know if this specific to Windows OS version or PSAppDeployToolkit version and did anyone came across this issue?

Thank you in advance!

Why are you using such an old Toolkit version?
Please update it and try again.