Reg Change in DEFAULT noch working


Ich want to chnage a RegKey Value for all Users and .DEFAULT.
The current Profile is perfectly updated, but not the .DEFAULT and no other Profile.

What am I doing wrong?

Can you tell me, what to do?

Are you running it under an administrator account?

Now the situation changed a little bit. I found out, that all existing profiles are updated, but not .DEFAULT. New profiles are not getting the change. That is really strange, because it worked already in the past.
We updated SCCM to 1910, can that be the reason? To sad, that there is no possibility to test it with the old SCCM.

No, this function targets DefaultUser. It excludes SYSTEM, LocalService and NetworkService accounts by default but not DefaultUser.

What version of the toolkit are you using?


But I tried 3.8.2… Same behavior.

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