Psexec and multiple computers

is there a smart way to deploy a created psappdeploy package to many clients .
But not all Computers are online at the same time, so somehow i need a hint how to handle this . Any hint?

If by online you mean powered on, the best option would be to create a startup script to run the psexec if that’s what you’re using.


Thanks Kyle, but I dont think it works… I am the only one with admin credentials and I don’t have access to AD, so I can not use GPO’s ;{.
I can create a list of computers, make a psexec loop and somehow log the computers who are not online…then use this list for the next loop and so on, but this not so smart…

Well that definitely does make it harder to deploy without access to those kind of tools. Is SCCM in place in your environment by chance? If so, and you had access, that would be the easiest way to deploy. Otherwise the looping list may be the only option unless you’re granted additional access to perform the deployment.


the loop , how would it look like.

At the moment i have a list of computernames which goes through a psexec loop one time

somehow successfull installations has to been marked and not used for the next time in the loop.

the computernames of the unsuccessful installations have to been taken for the next time.

is there a way to log the computernames from an unsuccessful installation?