PSADT.VolatilePaths Extension

PSADT.VolatilePaths Extension

Extension for PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit to create volatile registry keys and move/delete files/folder on reboot using native methods.


  • Queues a file/folder to be deleted on reboot.
  • Queues a file/folder to be moved (renamed) on reboot.
  • Overwrites target file/folder if specified
  • Creates volatile registry keys that exists only in RAM loaded registry.
  • Native methods used to perform the tasks.
  • ContinueOnError and ExitScriptOnError support.

External Links

For more information related to the usage or installation, follow the external link.

2023/03/30 - Updated to v1.0.1 :grinning:

  • Warns the user if the source folder is a special folder.
  • Replaced FileInfo Exists method with Test-Path cmdlet.