PSADT v3.8.0 - requires PS v3.0 due to use of "-in" Operator

Hi Comminuty,

i just updated from PSADT v3.7.0 to v3.8.0.

As i’m Packaging in an offline W7-VM, with PS 2.0 i got an Error in Line 7520 of AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1.

The Problem is, that the “-in” Operator was introduced in PS 3.0,

Changing the line 7520 from
If ($Action -in 'PintoStartMenu', 'UnpinfromStartMenu')
If ('PintoStartMenu', 'UnpinfromStartMenu' -contains $Action)
and changing line 7538 from
ElseIf ($Action -in 'PintoTaskbar', 'UnpinfromTaskbar') {
ElseIf ('PintoTaskbar', 'UnpinfromTaskbar' -contains $Action) {

solved that particular problem.

Kind regards

its going to be fixed

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