PSADT User Interface : what are the future plans?

Hello folks and thanks for the great job you are doing with PSADT !

A question for the devs, related to the user interface evolution :

actually the Winforms UI is doing the job for all of thoses who want minimalistic UI or who are not into customising the pop-ups windows with graphical stuff, colors, differents fonts, fancy animations …
But in my company, some are requesting more control over the UI customization, especially the customization of the Show-InstallationWelcome pop-ups.

I would like to have an idea about what is planned (if something is planned !) to improve the user interface customization in the future major release.

Thanks for your feedback !

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I’ve been to make basic customizations to the UI prompts via the “AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1” like:
-Font, Font Size and Font Color.
-Background Color.
-Window Size.
-Icons and Banners.

It’s not user friendly to make these changes… but it’s possible.

Even if I know that PSAppDeployTookit not only supports Windows 10 as operating system…but maybe it make sense to support Win10 toast notifications.