PSADT Can't Close IE

First time using PSADT so my apologies if this is a stupid question. I am trying to use PSADT to deploy Java 8 via SCCM. I am using an installation switch that removes old JRE versions. I have “java,javaw,iexplore,chrome,firefox” listed as apps that must close before the install can take place. If Java or IE are open during the install, a reboot is forced outside of SCCM scope (via MSIEXEC) and a forced reboot occurs.

My issue is that PSADT can’t seem to close IE, every now and then it works but most of the time IE just says “A Problem with this webpage caused it to close and reopen”. I can force them closed using “Stop-Process” command, but the user can’t use the PSADT “Close Apps” prompt to close IE.

Is there a way to change the method PSADT is using to close the apps? I believe it’s trying to gracefully close IE, but it isn’t working well for me.

No, this is a bug. The closing apps code in that function needs to be reworked.