Problems with "Checked" Event Handler

I am creating a GUI for our App Packaging team that allows them to run a Deploy script over and over with different arguments and outputs Execution Result to a read-only inputbox … simple stuff. I’ve set it up with checkboxes for the App Deploy Toolkit common parameters and two of them (silent and noninteractive) are mutually exclusive … that’s where the problem starts. I’m monitoring the “Checked” events for both checkboxes, and on that event … look at the other Checkbox and uncheck that box if IsChecked. When the App Deploy Toolkit main functions have been dot sourced, it outputs errors to the console pane in ISE when either checkbox is checked.

Error in On_Checked Event Handler on Silent (CheckBox) At line:1 char:1 + ${Global:DisableLogging} = $nc.Value + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cannot convert value "System.Windows.Controls.CheckBox" to type "System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter". Boolean parameters accept only Boolean values and numbers, such as $True, $False, 1 or 0

It appears the App Deploy Toolkit main functions script is monitoring that event and expecting something I’m not providing.

Any thought?