OneDrive Next Gen (2016)


Microsoft has released the OneDrive Next Generation (Build 17.3.6281.1202) in order to replace Groove, the built-in syncing tool for Office 2013. Therefore, there is no automatic deployment for it and you have to script and deploy it with GPO/SCCM.

PSAppDeployToolkit was my choice and I used the default template.

My script does the next steps :

  • Unsync the user’s library (clear OneDrive caches from %LocalAppData% without deleting any personals datas)
  • Disable the Groove process (rename Groove.exe to Groove.exe.OLD, which is totally impactless)
  • Silent install OneDrive NG
  • Auto-launch OneDrive NG in the Business configuration (don’t forget to change your Tenant ID in the 3rd part of the script)

As far as, two scenariis :

  • User already synced with Groove and will not be prompted to enter his account (O365)
  • User never used Groove and is prompted to enter his UPN’s account (UPN format for SSO)

The last case is not handled by Microsoft to use a proper SSO, just like Groove did. User has to enter

Download :

Pierrick LM

Hello Pierrick,
Thanks for the submission, but your link appears to be broken.

Can we have your script please? Thank you for submission