Office365 with ServiceUI.exe

We started using PSAppdeployment toolkit with SCCM three months back and now we are able to deal all the apps in SCCM with this toolkit , thanks to the developers and all the contributors who are involved in this project.

now we would like to start using serviceUI.exe(to run in other session) along with it so that the end user will get an option to enter the details for selecting which software to get installed.
eg : requirement is like this … user will get an option to choose the required software from the Office Bundle and the list goes likes this Office365Base or Visio or Project? based on the selection installation should happen…

can anyone help me on this?

I suggest you add any additional office products (such as visio) as their own applications. How would you handle a scenario where a user changes her mind and want to add/remove visio or project?
Furthermore you would have less need for user interaction, which is good ;)…