Occasional bomb/crash while displaying installation progress dialogue

PSAppDeploy Version 3.8.4

We are installing a rather hefty app, we show installation welcome, then to let the users know the install is running we have a progress dialogue, on some occasions (20% so far) the progress dialogue goes completely blank and the script crashes out completely, my guess is its running out of memory?

I’ll do some more investigation/testing but wanted to flag it here in case somebody else has seen this behavior?

I’ve installed 2GB+ apps just file. I suspect some of your PCs are sick. The log file would at least say what it was doing before it blew up. (Please use the </> tool to make the log file readable)

Yes it bombs at the same point each time during execution of the vendors executable installer, you can see the execute-process entry in the log then nothing (the vendors executable completes and closes normally. I’ll keep an eye on it.