Multiple SCCM Deployment Types

Hey folks, I have an SCCM application that has multiple deployment types, how can I use multiple deploy-application.exe files? Could I rename the ps1 as long as I have a corresponding exe? Example: “Deploy-Application1.exe / Deploy-Application1.ps1, Deploy-Application2.exe / Deploy-Application2.ps1”.

I’ve had success with using different Deploy-Application.ps1 files and just specifying them in the installation program line.

Something like:

  • Deploy-Application.exe “Deploy-Application-someother.ps1” –DeploymentType “Install”
  • Deploy-Application.exe “Deploy-Application-andanother.ps1” –DeploymentType “Install”

I see no need for a separate .exe you simply want it to use all the same bits and code for PSADT with the only difference being in the Deploy-Application.ps1


Thanks! I will give this a try!


Please go through this link:

In this link, you will get full info regarding deploying.exe.files via SCCM 2012

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