Menu option creating

I am pretty new to this tool but I was wondering if I can use this to create a menu of applications that the user can select or deselect as needed? After playing with it a while I can see how I can pre-set a lot of options and commands to make it work for a lot of different applications and deployments.

I’ve been using dotnet installer for a long time but wondering about the possibilities with AppDeploy. So right now with this tool I have something that looks like Hopefully the image uploads. But it doesn’t exit well in SCCM.

I had a similar idea, but for Fixes. the same theory I guess.

They are forms in PowerShell

after you write the forms. you can then wrap the code in the installer section and copy-paste in the reinstall section. and make it as its own tool.
or perhaps to a compliance marker. so you don’t upload 1gbs in installers so you a marker for Avaya, to install. then compliance comes around to see the system with the reg entry and then installs Avaya.

Thanks for the reply. I am looking over your post and the replies. I think we are trying to do similar things. I think forms does look like the direction to go but I’m going to look at those sites people posted and see what I can come up with. It’s one of those pet projects I really want to work on when I have time. I’m sure we all have those.

have you had a chance to work on the pet project? how is it going?