Java Install Help

Hello there everyone, so I am looking for guidelines on how to accomplish the task in my head. So I need to update Jave Runtime in our environment and after doing some checks, it seems like I have mixed installs of bits when it comes to Java.

  • Some users have 32-bit version only
  • Some users have 64-bit version only
  • Some have both 32/64 installed

So my script will need to check for what bit of java is currently installed and only install that bit. So for example:

  • So if 32-Bit is installed, it only installs the latest 32-Bit
  • So if 64-Bit is installed, it only installs the latest 64-Bit
  • If users have both 32/64 Bit, it installs both the latest bit

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help with this question.

Look in the PDF for a function called Get-InstalledApplication

No worries, thank you for the feedback. I have a working solution and its already in production thanks to this awesome tool :slight_smile:

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