Info Uninstall on pre-installation

Hello Guys,

can you help me?

i must update the version of IBM PC from ver. 6.0 to 14.0

the version 6.0 is 32bit, and the new version is 64bit

i’ve try to put the string for uninstall the old software in the “pre-installation” phase, but when i launch the script, it not find the msi exec.

	#Uninstall old version of IBM
Write-Log -Message 'Start Uninstallation IBM PersonalCommunications 6.0' -Severity 2 -Source $deployAppScriptFriendlyName
Execute-MSI -Action 'Uninstall' -Path '{B3AE8231-C74A-4412-8701-EB497088C7A5}'

Write-Log -Message 'Uninstallation of IBM PersonalCommunications 6.0 is successful.' -Severity 2 -Source $deployAppScriptFriendlyName

what did I do wrong?

thanks in advance


Instead of the Execute-MSI command, I would consider using the Remove-MSIApplications function, e.g.
Remove-MSIApplications -Name ‘IBM PersonalCommunications’
It will comb through the registry to find the correct uninstall string and use it to uninstall.


I was able to uninstall the software. I entered the uninstall path of the following:
[string] $ APP_SoftIdent
and in the pre-installation I entered the following command:
Execute-MSI -Action ‘Uninstall’ -Path ‘{B3AE8231-C74A-4412-8701-EB497088C7A5}’

thank you for the help

See you soon

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