How to add license parameter to exe install (RUMBA)

I’m trying to install rumba using PSAppDeploy and I have the string that works when i launch the exe from my command prompt but doesnt work when added to PSAppDeploy script.

RUMBA.exe /s /v" /qn LICENSEKEY=xxxxxx

This is the syntax that I got from the software install guide and it works through the command prompt but when i add it as a execute-process statement I keep getting errors. How should this be formatted in the script?

I’ve tried different combinations of:

Execute-Process -Path $dirFiles\rumba.exe /S /V" /qn LICENSEKEY=xxxxx"


Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\rumba.exe /S /V /qn” -Parameters LICENSEKEY=--****"

Should look like this

Thank you. Is there any way to redact the license key from the both posts? I included it by accident.

Thought there was an edit button, but I’m not seeing it now. I would reach out to Sean or Dan.

I modified you’re old comment. You should be good to go.