Help with Execute-Process Command Line

I’m having problems with installing Paperstream. I received the silent command from technical support. It is:

start /wait C:\SW\PSCapture\PSCSetup.exe C:\SW\PSCapture\Data1\setup_en.msi INSTALLDIR=“C:\Program Files\fiScanner\PaperStream Capture” –q -b

When I translate this into the Execute-Process command as shown below it doesn’t work.
Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\PSCapture\PSCSetup.exe” -Parameters “$dirFiles\PSCapture\Data1\setup_en.msi INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\fiScanner\PaperStream Capture”–q -b"

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?



I tyhink you are missing more quotes. I remember seeing a similar post that they wrap it arounf single quotes or vise versa. Id on recall. I’ll look for it but I hope that gives some direction to start.

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