Have stopwatch show how long install is running

We use CAD-applications that take a lot of time to install, and require Office applications to be kept closed (thank you Autodesk…). I’ve changed the scripts so that Intune install is done around lunch break to not bother users that much. In the defer window I give them a time estimate on how long this installation will run. For example, to install Revit (13GB) takes 30 minutes. They click install and then leave for lunch break.

Is it possible to show a stopwatch in Show-InstallationProgress, so that when users return to their station, they have an estimate on when the installation will end?

This is way beyond my XAML capabilities but if I had to guess I’d be looking at in the XAML of Show-InstallationProgress

This guy expands on this element.

But you also gotta remember this guy: