Get Scheduled Task section of AppDeploytoolkitmain

I am getting an error from the following section of code:

If (-not $exeSchTasks) { [string]$exeSchTasks = "$env:WINDIR\system32\schtasks.exe" }
		[psobject[]]$ScheduledTasks = @()
	Process {
		Try {
			Write-Log -Message 'Retrieve Scheduled Tasks...' -Source ${CmdletName}
			[string[]]$exeSchtasksResults = & $exeSchTasks /Query /V /FO CSV
			If ($global:LastExitCode -ne 0) { Throw "Failed to retrieve scheduled tasks using [$exeSchTasks]." }
			[psobject[]]$SchtasksResults = $exeSchtasksResults | ConvertFrom-CSV -Header 'HostName', 'TaskName', 'Next Run Time', 'Status', 'Logon Mode', 'Last Run Time', 'Last Result', 'Author', 'Task To Run', 'Start In', 'Comment', 'Scheduled Task State', 'Idle Time', 'Power Management', 'Run As User', 'Delete Task If Not Rescheduled', 'Stop Task If Runs X Hours and X Mins', 'Schedule', 'Schedule Type', 'Start Time', 'Start Date', 'End Date', 'Days', 'Months', 'Repeat: Every', 'Repeat: Until: Time', 'Repeat: Until: Duration', 'Repeat: Stop If Still Running' -ErrorAction 'Stop'

			If ($SchtasksResults) {
				ForEach ($SchtasksResult in $SchtasksResults) {
					If ($SchtasksResult.TaskName -match $TaskName) {
						$SchtasksResult | Get-Member -MemberType 'Properties' |
						ForEach-Object -Begin {
							[hashtable]$Task = @{}
						} -Process {
							## Remove spaces and colons in property names. Do not set property value if line being processed is a column header (this will only work on English language machines).
							($Task.($($_.Name).Replace(' ','').Replace(':',''))) = If ($_.Name -ne $SchtasksResult.($_.Name)) { $SchtasksResult.($_.Name) }
						} -End {
							## Only add task to the custom object if all property values are not empty
							If (($Task.Values | Select-Object -Unique | Measure-Object).Count) {
								$ScheduledTasks += New-Object -TypeName 'PSObject' -Property $Task
		Catch {
			Write-Log -Message "Failed to retrieve scheduled tasks. `n$(Resolve-Error)" -Severity 3 -Source ${CmdletName}
			If (-not $ContinueOnError) {
				Throw "Failed to retrieve scheduled tasks: $($_.Exception.Message)"
	End {
		Write-Output -InputObject $ScheduledTasks
		Write-FunctionHeaderOrFooter -CmdletName ${CmdletName} -Footer

The error is:

[Uninstallation] :: Failed to retrieve scheduled tasks. 
Error Record:

Message        : "*MyTask*" wird analysiert - Quantifizierer {x,y} nach nichts.

In the code the file path is “$env:WINDIR\system32\schtasks.exe”
But my scheduled tasks are actually found at “$env:WINDOWS\system32\Tasks”

Is this the problem with why I am unable to unregister a scheduled task? This is my first application I am creating with AppDeployToolkit so I am still learning.