Execution failed with exit code [-610]


I just recently picked up this PADT. And it is amazing so far!
However when I am trying to execute the script as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, on one specific computer, it gives me the "Exit code [-610] and it never gets installed, however the script is complete.
It is nothing special, just a simple installation for Mathcad Prime, where there is an .xml included. I made sure that the .xml file is getting imported into the “Files” folder.
It works flawless when run manually as the logged on user, but it fails as the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM on one specific PC.

Does anyone actually know what the Exit code [-610] means? Google simply just gives me any other result than the Exit code [-610].

Exitcode -610 is not an exitcode generated by PSADT.

Having to guess, I suspect your MathcadPrimeInstaller.EXE cannot find your .XML file or that your XML file is incorrect somehow.

The MathCad website has no resources for installation issues and no installation documentation so I recommend you contact MathCad to ask what this error -610 is.