Error Code 259 autodesk products, but installation works well?

Through sveral autodesk installations the command line is similar like:

Execute-Process -Path “$dirFiles\Img\Setup.exe” -Parameters “/qb /I $dirFiles\Img\Autocad2019.ini /Trial /language en-us”

But already at the beginning of the Installation i get the error code 259, but the installation does not interrupt and goes further… Any idea what this means and why i get always this error code?

Is there a timeout when a Installation need more time (like the autodesk products) to initialize?

Have you tried adding /W like the last post on this page suggests?

You could also try adding the following switches to the execute-process- -WaitForMsiExec -MsiExecWaitTime 600

thanks Jim, it is working with …Setup.exe /W /q /I Img…