Deploy-Application.exe SCCM 2012

Hi All,

I`ve been configuring and testing a few scripts for Java, Shockwave, Adobe Reader and Flash.

So Ive added these install files and scripts to SCCM deployment and successfully deployed these applications when logged in as a local or domain users. The problem is when Im logged in as a standard user the UAC prompts for elevated permissions so I`m unable to deploy the application as needed.

UAC can`t be disabled or reduced as this is company policy.

SCCM should be running this deployment as a authorised user but it appears it is not.

Could someone please assist?

Thanks in Advance,

This post would probably be better of under the general section of this forum as this section (Deployment Scripts) is intended for sharing your finished deployment scripts.

Anyway, there’s some necessary info missing in your details.

First of all, what deployment model are you utilizing in SCCM - Application or Package? Personally I prefer the application model, and setting the deployment type to install for system, whether or not a user is logged in. This way it will always install under the system user context and have the necessary privileges to install the application. Sometimes it requires more thinking and testing to ensure that all necessary settings are in place for the end user but that’s what the functions and features of this toolkit make easier.

If you are deploying your applications this way but stile struggle with UAC, I would say you have a misconfiguration in your SCCM environment / on your devices.