Deploy-Application.exe - Execute Powershell-Command

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First of all, I apologies if I ask here a question that already was answered in another post.
I’m very new to the whole theme and also my English skills are pretty far from good.

Hope you get what I want to ask you!

Here the question:
I would like to execute the following Powershell-Command with the Deploy-Application.exe:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -WindowStyle Hidden -File Decrypt.ps1 1,0,5,9,56,34,254,211,4,4,2,23,42,54,33,200,1,34,2,7,6,9,35,37

I think I must do it with the command “Execute-Process”.

If any other information is necessary to help me, please let me know.

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if youre new to the toolkit, here is a nice guide you can take a look at - Great beginners guide to PSAppDeployToolkit

When it comes to your question, you are not forced to use Execute-Process but it is recommended to do so since it offers many good features.

You could use it this way:

Execute-Process -Path "powershell.exe" -Parameters "-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -WindowStyle Hidden -File Decrypt.ps1 1,0,5,9,56,34,254,211,4,4,2,23,42,54,33,200,1,34,2,7,6,9,35,37" -CreateNoWindow $true
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Hi Luki1412,

Thank you very much for your help and the Link to the beginners’ guide!
Brilliant to have such an active community here.
It works perfectly fine with your solution!

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